This day one year ago…

Adoption has made me a stronger believer. My faith has grown and I see that God’s hand continues to be in all things related to adoption. God loves us with HIS adopting love and it is that love that guided us around the world to our daughter. One year ago today we were anxiously riding just a few miles on a bus with the other families from our agency to Hannah’s Hope in Addis Ababa. We were on our way to meet the children who were meant to join our families. It was truly a surreal day and words do not do it justice. Fortunately we all supported one another in capturing as much as possible on film.

Wass, our driver, turned down a very bumpy road and traveled about a block before parking in front of the big black gates.

We all quietly exited the bus with cameras and backpacks in hand. We were ushered into the compound and immediately some of the older kids began to entertain us. Their smiles were contagious, Ethiopian children are beyond beautiful and their smiles simply melt me.  Eventually it was our turn to go up to the baby rooms. I will never forget feeling like I could barely breathe as I climbed the large staircase to our daughter’s room for the past four months.

We entered a festive pink room and sat on the floor next to several little one’s getting their floor time. Almaz, the Director of Hannah’s Hope, was with us and annouced to one of the special Mother’s in Amharic that we were ready to meet Argene. What happened next is best told through these images…

Within moments of our eyes meeting precious Argene smiled right at me. It was one of the most magical and memorable moments of my life! I sat in awe of God’s miracle and sweet grace in sparing her life and allowing me to become her Mother.

Although today is one of those days when I wish I could rent a billboard that says “Adoption changed our life; Just do it… I know that would be a little much. Most days we are reserved in our passion about adoption, Ethiopia, and the orphan crisis in the world, but today all day I have been beaming and oh so happy that God chose us and that we heard the call. What started as wanting to add a daughter to our lives has tunred into a passion and a faith far beyond our dreams. God is so good and He loves orphans. Don’t ask why there is an orphan crisis or get caught up in the debate about why is is so challenging to adopt, instead jump in. The waters are choppy and your heart will be broken but God will be there every step of the way. We are living it and I promise you will not regret having your heart completely broken for what it is that breaks God’s heart.

“I will not leave you as orphans: I will come to you.”

John 14:18

Thank you God that we did not miss the joy and awareness that adoption has brought to our hearts and our lives…

Somewhere in Ethiopia there may still live a woman who gave birth to our dear baby. I do so wish I knew her. I so wish I could tell her that the life  she carried in her belly is safe.  I will never know what it must have been like to hold a hungry baby whose needs cannot be met,  but I do pray that someday she will feel peace in knowing that Argene is loved and adored . She is safe and thriving. She is beautiful both inside and out!

Today we celebrate the child who was first placed in our arms one year ago!!!!

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  1. Wow, this year has gone soooo fast! I was just wondering if you would have a chance to look through your pictures and see if you have any of our Malachi since you traveled before us. I want to try and piece together any and all footage there might be of him. Thanks so much!

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