This Father’s Day {What I Want Them to Know}

Deuteronomy 6:1–9 Fathers instruct their kids by the full impact of words and behavior,

all the time: at home, away from home, at rest and at work. Our kids learn biblical truth by how Fathers

treat those around them and how they live out their lives. 


The boys were schooling him in soccer. It was a monkey in the middle sort of game and I watched cracking up as he made the same fake out faces he made back in his high school basketball days. He is really good at looking one way and passing or kicking the ball in the opposite direction. He is quick and wears a smirk that makes his nose flare.  I loved watching and marveled at how fortunate my children are to have a Dad who is so engaged. Always and in all ways.

I hit the jackpot when I married him. Having known Bob since 7th grade I always knew he was a solid kid and the kind of boy I could trust. We became close friends in 9th grade and our friendship never really wavered in spite of various boyfriends and girlfriends  and attending rival colleges. We stayed close, always able to make each other laugh with ridiculous comments and late night calls to discuss General Hospital and all things related to our busy social lives. As I went through very difficult and ever changing family dramas in high school and beyond Bob was always there, my steady friend with a listening and concerned ear. When we married we both knew we wanted to raise children but I could never have imagined just how wonderful a father he would be.

Now five kids later {gulp} there is not a day that passes that I don’t pause to notice the great gifts he brings as the father in our family.

My husband embodies all that a father should be. He gives our children his time and his attention. He shows them each that he is excited to know who they are and hear about what they enjoy. He is the Dad who takes the time to teach skills in the front yard or help carve out a derby car. He will help detangle his daughter’s hair and always spends the time needed to discuss their wild ambitions with soccer, music or Odyssey of the Mind. He listens, helping our children to feel confident that their Dad understands them and is in their corner.

He shows each of our children how valued he or she is not only in word but in action.  It’s how he lives and behaves that I treasure for our children.  He is steadfast, diligent and disciplined. He sets the example of a strong work ethic and paying attention to the tough circumstances so many face on a daily basis. He discusses with our kids all that we have been given and the biblical mandate to to serve others through our many gifts.

So today, Father’s Day 2014 I want to say to my children…

When in doubt about how to behave follow the lead of your Dad. Remember his kindness and his concern and support for who you are in all areas of your life. Know that he is willing to go the distance to help mold you into who God intends you to be. Always remember his selflessness as he works all day and then comes home to work all night with each of you. Remember his willingness to help the one, be it Tadesse in his journey or the patient at the community clinic who needs pain relief.  Watch your Dad when you wonder how you will navigate a difficult situation or decision. He is quiet in his process to figure things out and seek truth. Follow the example of your Dad in how to treat a future girlfriend or wife. Know that your Dad is unique in his strength to help me be me in the middle of our great big wild family. He has spent countless hours helping me to live out my calling and dreams. That is a character trait that will serve you all so well. Be aware that your Dad has and will continue to be on your side gently leading you but also sometimes allowing you to fail. And know this for sure. Your Dad strives to see God is all things. He finds strength and foundation in faith. I hope each of you will too.

Happy Father’s Day Bob and thank you more than you know for being who and whose you are in our ever changing, often challenging and forever awesome family. I love the Father your are to our brood.