This Mom’s Day…

It’s 9:41 p.m. and I am finally sitting here quietly all alone thinking back over this busy day. I just have to laugh when I think of all that happens in a day around here. Today I sent a text back to a friend and asked, What did we used to do with all of our time? I mean seriously… back in the day of college or first career jobs, did we not think we were so busy? Ha. Makes me chuckle now. With three sons and a one year old baby girl our days are bound to be loaded but with spring finally here and the school year coming rapidly to a close here is my list of sometimes hysterical activities, converstaions and child management that ocurred today. Thank God all this is shared with the man of my dreams or I simply would be flat out on the ground right now unable to lift even a finger. 🙂

This morning we got our team ready and added a friend to the mix to travel and hour to watch our Carter dance at the Latino Festival with the Dance Troupe he has been a part of at school the last few months. As we walked through the busy streets to the Civic Center in Holland we were getting great looks from those wondering just how crazy we might be to have five kids in tow. Loved every minute of it!

The performance was followed by tears from boys unable to stay for the carnie rides. We needed to scoot home for Ava and for games later in the afternoon. We settled on elephant ears and then fought the battle of them all thinking they needed to eat their own. Not twenty minutes later we had complaints from the back of the car, “Oh this thing is gross. I can’t eat it all cuz it is too greasy.” Yes dear children we know, that is why we only allowed for half an ear a piece. 🙂

Next we napped Ava while while gathering uniforms and making smoothies for some sort of nutrition before games. With a little time to spare we spread a bit more of the 15 yards of mulch that has been sitting in our driveway for nearly two weeks. Gotta love it. We do what we can when we can people. The best comment of the whole day came during our smoothie party. Out of the clear blue sky Hayden says, “So Mom, when can I throw a party?” I mean for real? I could not make this up. I nearly spit out my drink and then ask for clarification. Then he tells me he is thinking about a party in 7th grade. Well since you are currently in 5th grade, I think we have time to ponder that one dear boy.

Bob was assigned coach of the day for Hayden’s soccer team while our usual coach Rob is visiitng family out of town. He was nervous and with extra energy left ealry for Hayden’s game. Carter joined them  while Ava, Owen and myself headed over to the ball field for team photos and then Owen’s baseball game. Bob and Hayden later joined us at the ball diamond in time to see little Owen play and then we all headed home hungry, making agreements about the boys eating broccoli and fruit if we agreed to pizza for dinner.

From there it was tubs for all four dirt balls, drying sheets that were stripped this morning and playing with Ava who needed a bit more floor time before bed. Hayden headed down to cut out a huge volcano for a backdrop for a school play and Bob and Carter disappered to work further on a project that is soon do. Carter is researching why the Universtiy of Michigan is important to the state of Michigan. The entire report must be completed in Spanish and frankly it has been a bit like pulling teeth. Whew.  Next was reading Spanish and English with Owen in bed and helping Hayden type a novel he wrote for his 5th grade project. OK so I am exhausted just trying to recall  all of this so I’ll stop there.

What a day and what a trip raising four kiddos is. They are all getting to a point where so much is happening in their hearts and in their heads and every day I find myself aksing God to give me the insight into their world’s and their needs. Even in keeping things simple, managing the lives of six people all under one roof is a bit wild. It is contirlled chaos most days and thankfully we are handling it by God’s grace. We try hard to laugh at oursleves and find humor in even the most chaotic moments.  There is fun, love and respect  here in our home and there is absolutely nothing I would change.

Happy Mother’s Day to all of you out there who shape and nurture the lives of your little ones each and every day. I am sure there is no job I would rather be doing as there is nothing more important than growing up little ones. Blessings to you all. May you have at least a few quiet moments tomorrow all to yourself to reflect, pray and most of all laugh!