This Mother’s Day…

For several days now we have been telling Ava all about what happens tomorrow. She will be baptized and we are so anxious to see how she responds since she is two. She keeps showing us how the water will flow down her head and she gives us the big eyes and asks, “water cold Mommy?” I can’t wait to bask in the moments of the water flowing freely down her hair and face and the profession we give to raise Ava in a home where we as a family seek to glorify Him. Even cooler still is that our boys are now old enough to better understand the meaning and the beauty of baptism. They are excited and with the ways they interact so sweetly with their baby sister I just know they will also find it to be a very memorable and precious moment in Ava’s life and all of our lives.

Ava reminds me daily that adoption has always been God’s great design. He showed us adoption into His Kingdom as a way to protect the lonely and honor the broken and the lost in all of us. God shows us that we never walk alone when we put our trust and faith in him. He adopts us as His own. So every day I think of the favor God showed in sparring Ava’s life and bringing her to us. I think of the birth mother whose circumstances I will never totally understand who had the courage to carry her baby to term. Ava is a special little one who sparkles her way through most days, engaging with others and showing us every day that her life was meant to be. What we always want Ave to know is how loved she is by God. No matter her past or her future she is sacred and her life redeemed in HIM. It’s such an awesome message of hope and love and her baptism on Mother’s Day sure does seem appropriate and very meaningful to us all. I am richly blessed to be the mother to all four of my children.

But wait… there is more… Tickets are booked and in just over four weeks I will be headed back to Ethiopia to see our precious Tadesse again (Happy Mother’s Day to me). I can hardly wait to hug him and hang out with him sharing smiles and lots of stories over the best 25 cent Ethiopian coffees under the trees. I am returning to Ethiopia for an appointment with the Ethiopian government that must happen in order for Tadesse’s Visa to be approved. He has to have a Visa to board the plane so this is the next step. We are not technically adopting him but we might as well be. In fact my heart already has as he is my own no matter what ocean or government documents stand between us. If you want to know more about the story of Tadesse please click here. It may be tough to understand but once you have seen what I have seen and learned what I now know about the ways in which children grow up in third world countries, well it changes everything. The radical changes in our lives have helped us to know beyond a shadow of a doubt that the boy I met in Korah should have a family to love him and guide him toward a bright future. He is a strong faith filled boy and we cannot wait to embrace him in every way we can. After all, for me that is what being a Mother is all about and frankly I wish I could love and protect, nurture and honor many more children who face evils and great horrors in their lives every day. Pick me God and help me to be a strong spirit filled Mother both right where I am here in my home and abroad to the spectacular places you continue to send me. This is my daily prayer.

Tomorrow we will be missing this guy and sure wishing he were here to celebrate the baptism of his beautiful little sister. We will miss you and thank you for allowing me to be your Mother. I am richly blessed to have five kiddos who call me their own.

To all the beautiful Mothers I know both far and wide, have a happy Mother’s Day. Take a few minutes to cherish the gift of your children. God has entrusted their hearts to our care and that is truly amazing. Enjoy!

Peace and Grace,