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Our youngest son has been asking for some time what his sister is going to wear and where she is going to sleep. This puzzles him. I understand why. We live in a total boy house! There are no girl things anywhere around here. We have nothing pink. We have nothing purple or sparkling. This weekend marked the beginning of taking care of the troubling question. The change is underway and there is nothing like the color Paradise Pink to make three boys understand that their little sister really is on her way. They woke up with big smiles and squeals to the bubble gum dream room!

Between Bob cutting in the paint and my Dad rolling out the walls the the room is slowly being transformed. A second coat is still required and I must say it is bright. You know, pepto bright! Now we need to set up the crib and get the baby bedding made in order to begin pulling it all together. My close friend Beth came for a visit with her three precious girls last week to lend me her design eye. She’s got talent and she gave me the thumbs up for all the fabric choices that I will soon ship off to a seamstress I found on Etsy. Gotta love the stuff people can do and the stuff they sell on Etsy. I plan to recover an old rocker that I used with all three boys and I may even try my hand at window treatments. Not yet sure on that one.

So today’s big adventure was a trip to our local Babies R Us to set up a registry. We took all three boys and their comments and questions were nothing short of hysterical. They could not get over all the loot for babies. Owen found the butt paste and Hayden wanted us to register for the soothing baby spa. Carter cracked up in the nursing section and of course the potty seats and piddlers for potty training were a hit. The entire time we were there we just laughed. Of course some of the time we were a bit overwhelmed… it has been a while since we have done the baby scene but our time spent was such fun. The boys helped us pick out many items and it seemed to help familiarize them with what it takes to help raise a child. Every day we are getting closer to meeting her and we cannot wait to bring her home and into the arms of three amazing brothers whose lives will be forever enriched by us adding another child to our family but also in seeing that our hearts break for the plight of the orphan.

One more thing… We started collecting donations for the many needs of our orphanage in Ethiopia. If you wish to contribute or have a source for items listed please contact me. We greatly appreciate your generosity as we prepare for our first trip to Ethiopia.  Here is the list of needs:

For babies:
a) Diapers-most needed size- 2 and 3
b) Pull-ups
c) Simple board books
d) Johnson and Johnson baby shampoo
e) Lotions, baby oils and baby wash
f) Diaper rash cream—Desitin is the best, or whatever other kinds you think is a better protector of babies bottoms (Desitin ointment is stronger than the paste)
g) Baby Wipes
h) 4oz only AVENT Brand Bottles.
i) Organic flax seed—ground or oil form
j) Vegetable or soy based formula—HIGH NEED!
h) Milk-based formula
l) Hanging mobiles for cribs
Things for older children:
m) Shampoos and conditioners that are fortified for curly hair
n) Dandruff shampoos
o) Body soap
p) Bubbles, punch balloons, beach balls,orange outdoor play cones
q) Soccer balls and any gear- possibly deflated
  1. Body lotions
  2. Clothing for boys and girls between 4 and 16 years old and especially need pants and pajamas
t) Shoes including crocs, sneakers (these are especially good for the older boys to play soccer in), for 4 through 16 years old children (not cleats)
Medications and Supplies:
u) Q-Tips and Cotton Balls
v) Boxes surgical gloves-any size-(found in pharmacy section)
w) Adult Iron Tablets-over the counter
x) Infant and children Iron drops or pills-over the counter
y) Medicine for older children, all kinds-cough, cold, Advil, Tylenol, Maalox, etc.
z) Braun Thermometer Covers
aa) Multivitamins for babies with iron—liquid drops
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  1. Kari
    Kari says:

    I cant believe we'll be in Ethiopia at the same time:)) Now that is crazy!! lol
    Please feel free to add my blog to your roll… lets keep in touch!!
    I'm a new follower too!!

  2. Betsy and the Boys
    Betsy and the Boys says:

    Melanie, I would love to send you some donations if you have room. Would it work better for me to contact you on the forum? Or if you want to put your address on my blog comments I won't publish it. So excited for you!

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