Two pieces of paper

We are waiting and waiting and it seems forever waiting for just two precious pieces of paper. The first is our FBI clearance and the second is the State of Michigan clearance. Both are redos and although the old are still current they have to be totally updated in order to have a complete and accurate dossier/home study for a new country. Such is life so we are playing by all the rules and hoping that whoever does the work is reading the boxes checked FOR INTERNATIONAL ADOPTION. Perhaps that will encourage he or she to hurry just a bit.

With a busy family of five and days that fly by with a blink, the waiting should be fairly easy but I have found the waiting to be a test of faith. Do I really believe in God’s timing? That is a hard one huh? Each day I pray for patience. Letting things just coast along has never been my style but I do know in my heart of hearts that this whole switch-a-roo and redo has been part of a bigger plan. It has little to do with me. So I spend my days wondering if our daughter has even been born yet? How and where is she living? How will God wrap his mercy around her birthmother, providing her strength to know that letting her go might be best? It is all so surreal somedays knowing that all the things I am asked to do in this crazy adoption process are paving the way to bring us closer to her. That is the thought that ultimately makes this paper chase tolerable and sometimes dare I say… a fun challenge.

Just two pieces of paper… I will let you know when they finally arrive. Then the final steps begin to get us on the official Ethiopia wait list. Yippee! Life is good!