Visiting her land

So here sits Hayden tonight, finishing up a good book. He looks up at me with the sweetest look and says, “Mom I need to talk to you about something I told my friends. I told them I would be going with you and Dad to Nepal.” Then there is a long pause… “I mean can’t you just find a sitter for Carter and Owen and then the three of us can go?” I chuckle outloud and then promptly apologize for laughing. Bless his little heart for caring so much about the process. He is concerned that he be able to see where “she ” is going to come from. He does not want to miss a defining moment in the life of our family. So far our agency is not real thrilled about adoptive parents bringing their children along for the gotcha day (or week).  What a tough thing for us to try and explain to Hayden, the oldest of our brood and a child with a heart that continues to honor people of the world who are less fortunate than he. Who wants to squelch such curiosity and caring. I can certainly see him fondly embracing his little sister. Can’t you?