Visiting the Temple

Every now and then we have a moment or two when we are reminded to take a step back and remember why we are here. Last night I took my two oldest sons to a Hanukkah ceremony at the Jewish Temple here in town. The Rabbi had agreed to meet with our Cub Scout group to help the boys understand ways they could become closer to God. It was incredibly cool. The Rabbi was cool and he did such a nice job explaining Judaism that I waked away with great clarity. But there were two points that truly cut to the core of all faith. We are here to Repair the World. Wow that one truly resonates with me. He asked the boys ways in which they can do that and their answers were so awesome. He explained that Jews believe that the here and now is very important and that they must do their part to repair what they can today. The other take away for both me and my boys was this… If you meet someone who is Jewish and worships in a Temple, do not be afraid or judgmental, but instead ask if you can check out their religion, explore it and allow them to be who they are. The premise is easy but one we all so often miss. Just be tolerant. Be aware and accepting of someone else’s customs and faith. If we can remember to remember that we are all here to glorify God and we are all doing our part to repair the earth one exchange, one act, one prayer at a time well then really there should be little to fear. The evening progressed into many songs, latkes for dinner and dreidels and chocolates galore. The boys loved experiencing the Celebration of Lights and I felt that God was working in reminding me to teach my children to walk in the light. Walk in God’s light and in all things do you part to Repair the World. I love that!