We have been made ready

We have beautiful news to share. News that makes our hearts soar and our minds wander as we dream of what lies ahead for our family. I’ll get to the news but I must start by saying that I stand in awe of God’s hands in our adoption story. It is to be honored and treasured that we were chosen to endure the challenge of a great loss to get to the other side of the river to find our precious daughter.  This adoption story has had so many roadblocks and detours that we have had days of wondering how we will ever know who it is in Ethiopia who is intended for our family. But God is faithful. We have tumbled through the adoption air sometimes gasping for air only to have now landed right side up on our feet. We have a daughter who is waiting for us. She needs us as much as we need her. We are longing for Ava. Ava is a precious teeny tiny one month old Ethiopian peanut who needs us to bring her home. She needs three silly brothers loving on her. She needs a Mommy to rock her and cuddle her. She needs a Daddy who will play and read to her. She needs a community of neighbors, churchgoers and school pals. She needs Grandparents, Aunts and Uncles and lots of cousins. She needs a story and we cannot wait to be her story. Baby Ava we are waiting on and longing for you.

Now wrapping our minds around bouncy seats, onsies and bottles is very interesting considering we were thinking all along that God had a toddler in mind for our family. In all honesty the whole thing makes us laugh. I sometimes feel a bit giddy like I am pregnant without the stretch marks, cravings or recovery after my c-sections. It is funny how God’s plan on the road of life is not always revealed in a neat and tidy package. We now know that we needed to connect with, pray and advocate for a toddler in order to make our way to our daughter. What I have learned is that our hearts are open, wide open to the orphan who needs a story. We can be wide open with loving arms and loving hearts and so many children in this world need that. Our call to care for the orphan is true. She has been revealed and she is a baby born especially to be loved and nurtured by us. Thank you God for choosing us.

Even through the tough stuff and what we have certainly come to realize is that there may be more tough stuff, we will remain humbled by the call to adopt. We will pray for sweet Ava and we will remind ourselves that as much as we want her to be ours she is really yours God. She is in your hands. We will pray for Hannah’s Hope, the orphanage where she is nurtured and cared for by beautiful Special Mother’s and a Director who do all they can for the orphans of Ethiopia. We will pray for those working with AGCI, our agency, that they will continue to be guided by your hand and that they will remain true to the very basic needs of humanity and children in Ethiopia. We will pray for the Government of Ethiopia as they undergo new laws that will now require families, yes we will be the first, to travel twice to avoid future challenges within the adoption world. Lord make us your ambassadors in this new system. Remind us that we are not in charge but rather along for the ride. Our hearts are sometimes scared and lately somewhat guarded but remind us each day that this WHOLE thing is so much greater than us.

We are coming for you baby girl. We have no clear picture yet as to how soon we will be there to meet and hold you but we want you to know that we choose you. We want you and we want to someday be the best story of your life. We hold tight to the reigns as we know that this can sometimes be a bumpy road, but here we come little Ava. We hope at this very hour you are snuggled up tight and sound asleep. We push onward with paperwork, preparations and prayers with faithful and hopeful hearts!

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  1. The Young Family
    The Young Family says:

    So thankful, friend, to be on this journey with you! And our hearts, also, REJOICE in a little baby girl has a home…and that Ava is sure to be one with personality with all those boys protecting and caring for her!!! Praying her home, and can't wait to see her in your arms!

  2. Amy
    Amy says:

    That is wonderful news. I know it has been a journey for you. What is her b-day? Our little peanut at HH was born on April 16th.

  3. Becca Harley
    Becca Harley says:

    yeah!!! What a beautiful post! You all have been in our prayers through your journey, and we are waiting with anticipation to see you united with your precious daughter. Lifting you all up today~!

  4. Stutzman's Eight By Grace
    Stutzman's Eight By Grace says:

    What a beautiful testimony to God's grace-can't wait to see this story continue! amber

  5. the overtons
    the overtons says:

    praising God for your little one. i know the road you have walked has not been easy, but you have endured and will continue to do so. praying for quick court date and travels so you can have her in your arms.

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