Which Way to Turn…

I keep asking myself how everything will got done. How will I have my children prepared, my house all clean, schedules complete, enough time spent with my children and husband and all necessary parties informed. Yes, I am wacky and live in a world of sometimes believing I will get it all done.   I just want things to run smoothly and safely for my family. I leave Friday to return to Ethiopia. Two years ago in June 2010 was our first adventure to Ethiopia to meet our precious daughter and the people from where she hails and now I am making my way back for a similar reason. There is another child who has waited the majority of his life to be protected, loved and nurtured. Two years ago we could have never known such a turn of events was coming and I often smile when thinking that God opened our hearts to so much more than one little girl when we were sent to Ethiopia to adopt.

So I as I wander through my week of busy days with all four kids home and running here and there for a few camps and some fun, I am wondering which way to turn. Do I head left and work on the room where our sponsored son might soon rest his head or do I vacuum my sofa filled with sand from Owen’s camping adventure last weekend? Have I completed enough notes and organized enough spaces so that someone else can run this wild family while I am away adding to our nest?  I am overwhelmed with emotion, silly details, with concerns and wonder. I’m guessing that’s normal considering. Today I found a peaceful few moments and left for a walk with the music that has carried us through our adoption and all of my Ethiopia trips since. It was helpful to simply wash away the thoughts in my head with prayers.  As I walked I prayed through the questions, the fears, the scheduling, the anticipation and the desire I have to see Tadesse come into our hearts and our lives. It was so refreshing to take my eyes off my needs and again focus on what God is asking of me and of us as a family. What seems to keep coming to me are four words,

shine, boldness, courage and love.  God is cool like that… giving me words to help me stay focused.

So I pop in today to ask each of you wonderful readers for your prayers of support and openness. Let’s do this together. The tickets are booked, the embassy appointment planned and a beautiful boy who waits in Ethiopia ready to be bold and courageous. My family is as ready as we can be and we have done what we can ahead of time to plan and prepare extended family, friends and neighbors. What we need now is to shine as a community of like hearts and minds. Let’s reach up our hands and ask for His will to be done in the life of a boy who has known hardship and loss. Let’s pray this boy into our home so that we can love and honor him, giving him some sense of a family and helping to further his education. I have been so inspired by so much of the outpouring of love and courage I see in many families who have gone before us and alongside us through adoption and missions. From many of you I have learned so much. From family and friends who have smiled upon us and been so encouraging and loving, we are overwhelmed with gratitude. From adoptive and foster families who have brought many children into their family fold. You all help and inspire me. Someday soon no matter the outcome this dear boy, He and my four precious children will know that we all work together for the greater good of the Kingdom in His name, acting on behalf of the least of these.

I am Ethiopia bound this Friday and turning my eyes directly toward Him.

Thank you and God bless.

Hebrews 11:1

Here is Tadesse wearing the Be the Change tshirt. His life has changed dramatically since being at boarding school for two years!




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  1. michelle
    michelle says:

    “For have I not commanded you? Be bold and courageous! Do not be terrified or be dismayed, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.”
    Joshua 1:9
    He gives it to you in your heart and then he gives it to you eternally in His word…Yep, He’s cool like that…
    Go and be bold and courageous Mel! So proud of the example that you are setting 🙂

  2. ememby
    ememby says:

    Praying fervently for you all – here and there! God will take care of everything – can’t wait to see you on your return!

  3. Kim
    Kim says:

    Melanie, you will be in our thoughts and prayers. We hope everything goes smoothly and that Tadesse will be able to return home with you to be a part of your amazing family. Safe travels! Can’t wait to meet him:)

  4. Gioia Morris
    Gioia Morris says:

    Oh Melanie – what a journey!!! I’m anxiously waiting to hear what the future holds for your family and Tadesse!! I will be praying for you and be with you in spirit. That young man holds a special place in my heart and I’m so thrilled that HE (our amazing Lord) brought you all together. Praying for direction, courage and wisdom:)
    Blessings as you embark on yet another trip to Ethiopia – please give Tadesse a BIG hug from me!!
    xo Gioia

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