Who called?

What do you do when the FBI calls? Gasp, scowl, fret and perhaps freak out a little. Well in this case I cannot tell you how elated I was to receive a call from the FBI.

“Joe, from the FBI, just called,” Bob said with a puzzled look. “What?” I responded with a gasp!” You have got to be kidding me. Now this is the second time we have been through this fingerprint/background check thing and yet my mind still starts to wander. So I call Joe. What a funny guy and someone who truly seemed to care about our reason for needing the background check. What are the chances of that? He informed me that I had made and error in sending in a personal check, because of course everything in this process has a fee attached. 🙂 He needed a credit card form faxed over in order to begin processing our request. What I wonder is if Joe could sense my instant delight as I was so happy that the form was not simply cast aside or worse yet left in a pile to be mailed back as DENIED for improper payment. Joe was a friendly angel who called me back two more times just to let me know that my fax was received and a few minutes later to let me know that he would shred my personal check. Not bad huh?! There is hope. The good news is that he thought the paperwork would be complete and back in the mail to us by next Tuesday. Yippee! I tried not to be too sugary sweet but whoever you are FBI Joe please know that you just made this couple’s day! So soon we will be down to waiting on just one piece of precious paper.

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  1. Lauren
    Lauren says:

    Thanks Joe!!!
    Melanie, I love your blog. It's so cute. You'll have to teach me some tricks:)
    It was so good to meet you guys yesterday. You have an amazing family!

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