Who will be holding down the fort?

This morning at church Hayden and I received a very special send off. We were able to explain to our congregation what is is we will be doing in Ethiopia and Hayden even shared his own words about how eager he is to bless all the kiddos in Ethiopia with as many paper airplanes as he can make. We have lots of paper packed. 🙂 After the service so many came up to hug and kiss us and ask just exactly how were going to make everything work while I would be away. I thought I’d share a bit about how our team will function and who is helping out in my absence.

Bob, who could easily win a Mr. Mom contest will have most things under control. It may not look like it here but he can handle it I promise.  He has shortened his work days and taken a few days off so he can be home holding down our often chaotic fort. He will do a very fine job and the boys are eager to have their Dad time. Ava will be thrilled too as he is her fav. She and Bob make eyes at one another from across the room that just scream love. It is precious! Bob is my favorite superhero but he would be better served to have some help so this lady is flying in….

She needs an Ava fix and plans to do several full days with the little niece she helped bring home back in August. The boys are thrilled too as they adore their Aunt Shanny. She will also be able to spend time with my Dad who is several weeks into his hip replacement recovery. The visit should be wonderful even though I will be sad to have no time with her. Having Shannon here to help out and love my family for a week made the decision to head to Ethiopia so much easier. Shannon is amazing and always gets me and a few of the strange thungs I do in order to keep my family running smooth. I say this often but it is oh so true… It takes a village to raise four kiddos and it certainly takes a village to be able to do all we love to to in addition to our daily routines.

We will have Grandparents helping out and Aunt Stacy taking a day shift with Jenna and Kate helping to mother sweet Ava. It is so adorable how little girls crave being around babies and my two nieces are eager to help out next week. Ava will be well loved and Carter is excited to be the eldest bro in the house. The boys will miss their ring leader, Hayden, but it will be good for them at the same time.  We will all be grateful for SKYPE so that we can sty in touch and not miss much of what is going on in each others lives. Thank you so much to all of you who will be helping to make a dream come true for me to take Hayden to Ethiopia to learn SHINE!

“Let your light shine before men, that they may see your good works and glorify the Father in heaven.”

Matthew 5:16

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