Why not give shoes?

Ever since discovering last summer that our family would be a part of the first group with our agency to have to travel twice to Ethiopia,  first to meet our daughter and then again to bring her home, I just knew that there was a bigger plan in order. I took the news and the expense it would take to make two trips,  and made it my mission to get many needed supplies into Ethiopia. SHOES were the number one item that sprang to mind as we prepared for our journey. I would dream about seeing the eyes of a child wear his or her first pair of shoes. I dreamed of going through all the many choices of shoes we have here in our home and packing them up for those who have no choice but to wear nothing on their feet. My prayers were answered as so many supplies and many shoes poured in. Our son, Hayden, made a basic flyer, delivered it throughout a small section of our neighborhood and wah-lah SHOES!

Then within days of bringing Ava home we discovered that she was suffering from hookworn, a parasitic infection that is contracted through the soles of feet that touch the soil. Parasitic diseases plague over 1 billion people worldwide and can have devastating effects on children both mentally and physically while they are developing. Ava had very disturbing symptoms that caused her to cough constantly to the point of vomiting. The symptoms made her sound like a wheezing asthmatic baby since the parasite had gone untreated for the first four months of her life.

Next came an idea again inspired by my heartbreak for those who have no shoes… For my so’s birthday we asked friends to consider bringing shoes instead of gifts. It was so much fun and we raised 24 pair of like new or new shoes to send to Soles for Souls since we love their vision and work all over the world!

Let me leave you with this… What a good idea huh- shoes for someone on your list&
while another pair is donated to a child on God’s list.
One pair sold= One pair donated!