Without Her…

Today I am so filled with joy for the life of our daughter and the blessing she brings to our family that I just had to write to encourage others to move beyond fear and doubt and let God do something big in your heart and in your family. Our family is so rich for having gone through adoption and without her, a precious daughter, our lives would feel far from complete. I am just so thankful and amazed by what adoption has done to and in our lives. The process of adoption has grown our faith beyond anything I could have imagined five years ago. Adoption has brought us strength in HIM which in turn has strengthened our marriage, our values, our purpose as a family. It is seriously one cool transformation. Today I watched as my oldest son, pushed our daughter through the aisles of a flower store, gently stroking her arm and making her smile. This week Owen was so smitten he came in twice each night to say goodnight to his sister and Carter,  well he whispers things to her like, “Hey sweetie” any chance he gets. Our hearts have been changed and rearranged and we would not want it any other way.

We have had a busy few days with spring sing at school complete with Ava crawling from Mom to Dad to big brother, Grandma and Grandpa and back again as fast as she could. We all did the silent laugh. You know the kind that makes the seats shake when you know you cannot let the sound out.  Here are the two star performers:

Then there was this adventure in our driveway… Hayden had the idea to build a balloon launcher- just what every neighborhood needs. He built it himself and attracted several buddies who wanted to give it a try.

Here are a few updated photos of the sweet little peanut who keeps us on our toes. She is a little tornado, into everything and moving all around the house into any little nook and cranny she can find. This week she started standing on her own. Sometimes she is unaware she is holding a book or a toy with two hands. When she figures it out she immediately plops down. It’s great fun to watch her wheels churn and her development. She is getting closer to taking her first big step. Our journey to her was a big step, a leap of faith and of course we cannot even begin to imagine our lives without her.

You dear Ava are a joyful blessing in our lives.

Have a wonderful week and remember to pray about what God has placed on your heart. You never know what HE has in store for you.