It’s that time of year again where we crazily bring in a large pine tree, wrap lights around it, close the heat vents nearby, give it a bit of water and hope for the best. Do not misunderstand… I am a Christmas tree fan but I can also say I think it is a very odd tradition. So far this week I have vacuumed more needles than I had hoped and scooted Miss Ava away from what looks like great fun. Afterall we do hang ornaments at her eye level and expect her not to touch. So far so good but I am guessing her curiosity will soon have the best of her.

We decorated the tree last weekend and then slowly emptied our Christmas totes this week, decorating the rest of the house. I love the look and feel but with four kids I now love keeping things simple. I am guessing I will have many decorations to sell this year in our huge neighborhood sale. So the decorations are up, our tree is lokking good and now as we begin the beautiful month of Decemeber we are searching for ways to make Advent memorable. Find ways to connect more, love more, give more, seek more and pray more. It’s funny how we turn the calendar page to December and nearly panic with the thought of staff parties, the pursuit of the perfect gift, family get togethers, school parties and on and on it rolls… yet the true definition of Christmas and Advent asks us to slow down and feel the reason for the season.  What brings you closer to God this month?

Let’s make this month more about Him and the example He shows us…  Do not forget to stop and enjoy the WONDER!

Peace and Grace to you and yours,