wondering when the phone will ring

The house smells of bacon. There are crumpled papers everywhere that have come home in backpacks as my three have been cleaning out classrooms, desks and lockers yesterday. We have teacher’s gifts ready to deliver and camp schedules are in place. Like it our not here comes summer break! This morning I find myself feeling relief that the school year is done after today. I feel great excitement about time with my kiddos. I just want them home and I want them to just be, sleeping in, taking in book after book, running around outside with their friends and exploring new opportunities through a few camps we have scheduled. Thier school is amazing but having them home this summer will feel like a gift. Here are the three little (actually they are not so little) loves I am referring to: They make my heart soar and they have helped me to realize that every day is nothing short of a gift from God.

It is the last day of school and my last morning of quiet for a while. Dad made a big last day of school breakfast and we will celebrate tonight of course after C’s baseball game. Today we have all the end of the year parties and I am headed into the classroom to give the 2nd graders a big send off. We will watch the 4th graders run from the building with a giant eagerness to attend a new school next year for fifth grade. Wow what a day! My Kindergartener will become a grader and my middle guy will be the oldest holding down the fort at the elementary school. It’s a BIG DAY!

In the middle of it all we are wondering each and every day when our phone is going to ring? 
When will our agency call to let us know that Baby Strobel does in deed have a birth certificate waiting for review at court? When the bc arrives we should hear about dates to get this show on the road. New to the two trip policy is now a new two court process. First for the birth family and then the second court date will require us to travel, meet our baby girl (FINALLY) and head to court to become her legal guardians.   We are learning new ways to get through this as we go. I am trying hard to be patient but I really do feel ready to take photos of four children. We want to bring her home and be the family who are meeting all her needs. The wait is tough but we are seeking patience as we know God’s hand is in all of this.

So I rush off to school this morning to celebrate the very last day and the start of summer break. We look forward to adding one more to our wild and chaotic lives. I watched the boys hold, love on and take care of my one year old nephew this past weekend. It was a little slice of heaven to see them caring for him in such a gentle and loving way.
So now we say bring on the phone call and let’s get our court date and get busy making plans to make our way to the daughter of our hearts.
We love you baby girl and we will be there soon!
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  1. Julie
    Julie says:


    We're the LeFebers – Nathan and Julie, and we got our referral call for a baby boy with AGCI on May 19. We're also waiting for a court date…maybe we'll travel together (times 1 and/or 2)!

    It would be great to get to know you a bit better before that day arrives. If you're interested in connecting, you're welcome to e-mail me at julahlefeber@hotmail.com


    Julie 🙂

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