Would you like to bring a day of fun and fellowship to 160 Ethiopian Boys?

We are headed to Ethiopia on a mission to meet our daughter for the first time. In addition to our time spent at her orphanage we are looking forward to reaching out to the teenage boys who are growing up inside the walls of the Kolfe Boys Home. We sponsor a child through

Children’s Hope Chest. We will be visiting him and we were told that for only 300 US dollars we can change the world for the boys for a day by sponsoring a large pizza party and inviting the whole group of boys to attend. Please help us bring hope and laughter to these boys by showing them they have not been forgotten. Those who have spent time with the young men say that they are delightful, motivated and spirited souls who seek to live their lives for others as they grow up to be husbands, fathers and leaders in their own country.

Please click below if you wish to help. We will be ministering to the boys and delivering donated goods and several soccer balls! Thank you so much for your contribution. We will be posting photos of our visit and we will send photos directly if you leave us your information. Peace and blessings to you!